Programmatic Accreditation

In 1999 HVAC Excellence was the first organization to create programmatic accreditation for HVACR programs in the United States. Since that time, HVAC Excellence has grown to the industry’s largest and oldest provider of HVACR programmatic accreditation.

The onsite team consist of two members, one who has served years as an HVACR instructor, the other as a school administrator. These onsite team members are seasoned professionals that possess the knowledge, training and experience to successfully evaluate every aspect of an HVACR program. The selection of these team members gives integrity to the accreditation process and provides students with confidence in the program.

What is Programmatic Accreditation?

Programmatic accreditation is an independent third party review of an educational program. The process validates that established standards of excellence for HVACR educational programs are met. These standards are designed to assure that our future workforce receives the quality of training required to provide the skills necessary for success in the HVACR industry.

Accreditation standards require a thorough examination of: mission of program, administrational responsibilities, finances and funds, student services, instruction design and program elements, physical facilities, equipment and tools, cooperative training, and instructor qualifications.

Accreditation Manual

Accreditation Manual Click to view

Benefits of Programmatic Accreditation

  • Provides students with quality assurance of the program
  • Employers have assurance graduates are properly trained
  • Assists in establishing articulation agreements
  • An eligibility determinant for funding
  • Can increase enrollment
  • Student placement and employer satisfaction is enhanced
  • Requires faculty participation in self study
  • Can assist students in the acceptability of transfer credits
  • Creates goals for self-improvement
  • Can assist in establishing articulation agreements.
  • Can lead to advanced placement opportunities

Accreditation Process

  • Mail your completed application and fee to HVAC Excellence
  • HVAC Excellence will send you an Accreditation Manual
  • Accreditation team members will be assigned to offer assistance
  • HVACR program conducts a self study
  • School submits three copies of the self-study to HVAC Excellence
  • Self-study is reviewed by accreditation review board
  • Once the self-study is approved, a visiting team is assigned to conduct an onsite inspection of the program
  • An on-site visit is scheduled at a mutually beneficial date
  • The one day on-site validation process is executed and completed
  • Final determination to grant accreditation is made by the review committee

Additional Information

For additional information contact a member of our team at 1-800-394-5268.